LEMKEN auxiliaries make implement control easy

LEMKEN auxiliaries are additional operating elements that facilitate implement control, such as joysticks and toggle switch panels. Their great advantage is that they can be freely positioned inside the tractor cabin. This ensures that the most important functions are easily accessible in the control area according to your preferences, depending on implement and application.

The available implement functions can additionally be freely assigned to the auxiliary control elements. Frequently used functions can therefore be operated ergonomically, allowing you to focus fully on the actual application.



  • bis zu 13 Teilbreiten
  • für die Behandlung von Befallsnestern

Joystick box

  • 3 x 2 axle joysticks
  • Control of proportional functions (e.g. boom, slope compensation)
  • 9 freely configurable keys


  • 3 x 8 = 24 frei konfigurierbare Funktionen
  • Umstellung von AUX-O auf AUX-N möglich
  • Ergonomische Bedienung