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Who is LEMKEN?

The LEMKEN family business is an internationally leading specialist supplier for professional arable farming. Our programme comprises powerful, versatile, high-quality technology for soil cultivation, sowing and crop protection. All of our activities are focused around developing innovative solutions to support farmers in feeding the world.

About us

From practice for practice

Our agricultural machinery is not only instantly recognisable by its blue colour, but primarily by the way it works on the field. read more


Selected materials, state-of-the-art production

Our agricultural implements need to work reliably even under extremely demanding conditions. That’s why we leave nothing to chance in our production. read more


For our environment

LEMKEN helps the farmer to use his agricultural potential more efficiently. At the same time the farmers economic success as well as the conserving of resources is at the center of our activities. read more

Executive Management

Leading by teamwork

Our associate Nicola Lemken ensures that our business remains anchored in family traditions and retains its independence, while our managing director Anthony van der Ley bears responsibility for our operative business. read more


Together in a succesful future!

The family LEMKEN is one of the leading international manufacturers in professional plant production. Therefore LEMKEN devices acting on more and more fields of the world - and there's no end in sight! read more


Zu Besuch bei LEMKEN

Wie wird aus Stahl eine High-Tech Landmaschine, welche Anlagen sind dazu nötig und wie arbeiten die Menschen im LEMKEN Werk? Viele Fragen ranken sich um die Herstellung unserer Geräte und wir laden Sie herzlich ein, sich selbst einen Einblick zu... read more