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Trailed Field Sprayers

Greater efficiency on the field

Our range of trailed field sprayers offers professional crop protection for any needs:

The Primus is the good value entry-level model with all essential basic functions, while the Albatros is a professional-level trailed field sprayer that is available in a wide range of models to meet even the most demanding requirements with ease.

The sophisticated design details of the Vega support a superior level of crop protection.


The perfect entry into trailed crop protection technology

With its outstanding performance and consistently high component quality, the Primus is synonymous with professional crop protection, high acreage performance and maximum economy particularly on farms that specialise on the production of market... read more


The professional trailed sprayer for demanding crop production

The Albatros is available in a wide variety of models to allow this field sprayer to be optimally tailored to any individual operating requirements. read more


The innovative trailed field sprayer for professional crop protection

The sophisticated design details of the Vega fully meet the demands of modern, high-performance crop protection. read more